Accès directs

Libraries and IST operators



ABES provides idRef (Identifiers and Referentials) to higher education and research structures to share authority data. Persée is an active member of Persée’s contributor network and operates manual and automatic alignment procedures. Beyond the establishment of links between records describing people in the respective information systems, the partnership aims at a mutual improvement of data. During an aligment routine, any inconsistencies or conflicts are reported and analysed. The data from either of the two databases are then completed and/or corrected.




The National Computer Centre for Higher Education provides the long-term archiving of the data produced by Persée on the PAC platform (CINES Archiving Platform).


Sorbonne Interuniversity Library


Persée and BIS collaborate to develop specialized collections at the request of research teams. For example, the parliamentary archives of the French Revolution have been digitized together and their finer indexing and tagging, as defined by the Institute for the History of the French Revolution, is now in progress.


Diderot Library of Lyon


A multidisciplinary study and research library, the BDL maintains a large collection of printed periodicals. It provides Persée with the numbers, or even pages, that are missing from digitized collections or those for which digitisation is underway. In this way, it contributes to filling gaps and improving the quality of the Persée portal.


SCD of the University of Paris Descartes


Since 2008, the SCD of the University of Paris Descartes has contributed to the enhancement of the Persée portal by digitizing and documenting scientific journals that fall primarily within its fields of scholarly expertise, the history of science and sociology.