Accès directs

Research partners

Persée supports the scientific communities by offering technological solutions and expertise in the structuring, dissemination and exploitation of digital data. As such, Persée carries out or supports various research activities related to laboratories.


Creation of digital corpora

inVisu (USR3103) leadsing the Athar project, which aims to provide reports, scientific literature and photographic archives on Arab art monuments in Mediterranean cities, enriched by indexing toponyms in TEI.


 ● LLE (UMS 3773), Triangle (UMS 5206) and Larhra (UMR5190) have a common project to create a Historical Library of Education. The objective is to gather and provide access to a variety of resources concerning education, from a heritage and scientific perspective: administrative documentation, journals, books and archives, backed by a set of specific tools: thesauri, cartography, indexes.

 ● Archives parlementaire de la Révolution française: the Sorbonne Inter-university Library associated with the Institute of Modern and Contemporary History Institute of History of the French Revolution (IHMC-IHRF) is carrying out a project of digitization and tooling of a vast corpus of 80 000 pages documenting the French parliamentary life from 1789 to 1794 : creation of a typology adapted from 29 terms, alignment of the authorities People on idref and, fine documentary structure ;

 ● Corpus Adolf Michaelis: in a context of enhanced cooperation between research teams and library services at the Alsatian university site and thanks to the CollEx label (“Collections of excellence for research”) in the ancient sciences awarded to the BNU, in conjunction with the library of the MISHA (Maison interuniversitaire des Sciences de l’Homme – Alsace), a Perseid project on the Adolf Michaelis fonds aims to provide the scientific community with a digital infrastructure for valorisation and research dedicated to the origins and foundations of classical archaeology as a scientific discipline at the University of Strasbourg, and beyond, in the German Empire and Europe between 1872 and 1918.


Participation in research projects

Persée is a partner of GeoNum: Metaphor detection in scientific discourse in geography. This project aims to carry out a digital study of all the texts published in French geography journals over the past 120 years, with a view to an epistemological revisiting of geographical knowledge. One of the objectives is to better understand the use of metaphors, in particular its evolution over time in French university production in geography. GeoNum is managed by the EVS (Environment, City, Society – UMR 5600) and ERIC Warehouses, Representation and Knowledge Engineering – EA 3083) laboratories. It is financially supported by the MSH network.