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Persee is recruiting a Systems and Networks Engineer

Persee is recruiting a Systems and Networks Engineer

Persee is recruiting a Systems and Networks Engineer

CDI starting as soon as possible


Within the IT and Development division of the UAR Persee, the engineer is responsible for the infrastructure, ensuring the management, maintenance in operational condition and operation of the hardware infrastructure and the information system. His/her missions are of several kinds: the definition of the infrastructure (2 virtualized hardware infrastructures) and its administration, the administration of applications in production and participation in design and development activities, in a dev/ops approach.


Administration of the Unit’s hardware and software platform

  • Definition of platform architecture: choice of servers, hardware characteristics (memory, processors, etc.), network topologies,
  • Definition of (distributed) storage and backup systems
  • Platform deployment and operation: hardware, operating systems, hardware and software maintenance, incident management, software stack upgrades
  • Definition and evolution of the virtual architecture according to the needs of the applications
  • Monitoring of resource usage, user activity and bottlenecks.

Development activity

  • Participate in the design and implementation of the shared platform proposed by the unit
  • Integrate and deploy developed software solutions in test and production environments
  • Plan, install, automate, supervise and improve production processes
  • Anticipate changes and their business impacts on the IS, and promote them through consulting activities
  • Propose application evolutions



  • Linux operating system and related services
  • In-depth knowledge of virtualization techniques
  • Mastery of integration models and continuous deployments
  • Storage systems (RAID, distributed FS, SAN, NAS…)
  • In-depth knowledge of configuration management systems (IAAS)
  • Knowledge of quality management methods, tools, standards and procedures (including automated tests)
  • Project management methodology (agile mode)
  • Security of information and communication systems
  • Network fundamentals (TCP/IP, firewalls, DNS, VLAN…) (appreciated)


  • Extensive experience on Linux systems
  • Extensive experience with virtualization techniques (VMware, Proxmox)
  • Experience with container deployment techniques (docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift)
  • Experience with storage systems: RAID, distributed FS including GlusterFS, SAN, NAS…)
  • Good knowledge of IAAC techniques for configuration management and deployment (Ansible)
  • Know how to use continuous integration tools and services (Gitlab ce, nexus)
  • Knowledge of monitoring tools (Nagios, Elastic Search)
  • Best practices in computer security
  • Technical english


  • Reactivity
  • Ability to explain and prioritize needs
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Know how to work with professional networks


Persée is a support and research unit (UAR), attached to the ENS de Lyon and the CNRS, which is supported by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for the development of documentary heritage for the benefit of research. Persée is committed to the development of an enriched digitization platform open to the ESRI community.

Persee is organized into four divisions: the “Information Technology and Development” division, which designs, produces, and maintains tools for the use, enrichment, and dissemination of digitized corpora and collections; the “Production” division, which ensures the dematerialization of documents and all post-processing of digitized documents; the “Documentation” division, which ensures the structuring of documents and XML encoding of documents; and the “Partnerships and Networks” division, which is responsible for the development of partnerships with research, publishers, libraries, and the CollEx-Persée network.

Within the IT and Development department, which has 8 agents, the agent has a dual mission: he/she is responsible for the infrastructure and participates in developments (design, implementation, acceptance) by providing his/her technical architect’s point of view to the team of developers.

Starting position as soon as possible

Remuneration: between 37 and 45 k€ gross per year depending on experience

Job Location:

ENS de Lyon – Site Monod, 6 allée d’Italie, 69007 Lyon


Gabrielle Richard, director of Persée

Viviane Boulétreau, in charge of the IT and development division of Persée