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Persée is recruting a documentation assistant

Persée is recruting a documentation assistant

Persée is recruting a documentation assistant

Persée is a Joint Services Unit of the CNRS and the ENS of Lyon. Labeled “Research Infrastructure”, Persée carries out missions of digital valorisation of scientific heritage and deploys a range of services :   (1) publishing heritage collections of scientific publications through the portal; (2) digitization, structuring, enrichment, exploitation and dissemination of scientific corpuses in partnership with research teams, particularly in the field of digital humanities; (3) making structured data from previous operations available for excavation and analysis by research teams.  


The UMS Persée is organized into 4 units: the “Production” unit, which ensures the dematerialization of documents and all the processing of digitized documents; the “Documentation” unit, which ensures document structuring and XML encoding of documents; the “Information Technology” unit, which designs, produces and maintains the software platform and hardware infrastructure for the exploitation, enrichment and distribution of the corpus; the “Partnership-Networks” unit, which manages relations with research partners, scientific publishers, libraries and IST operators, and distribution platforms. Within the Documentation unit, the Documentation Assistant is placed under the responsibility of the Document Processing Coordinator and is integrated into the team of Documentation Assistants.  


He(she) ensures the documentary processing of digitized scientific publications in order to allow their structured edition and their open distribution on the Persee portal.  


1) Documenting digitized journals:
  • Checking and correcting tables of contents
  • Highlight text structure, apply markup and associate metadata to different parts of the text (article, chapter, illustration, appendices, etc.).
  • Perform spelling, syntax and typographical verification of texts.
  • Enter keywords and abstracts
  • Control the quality of scanned images
2) Participate in the feeding of the navigation paths of the Persee portal: :
  • To feed an author authority list (provision of an author index on the portal)
  • Associate bibliographical references to the cited document (cross-referencing function on the portal)

Skills and competencies required

  •  Mastery of office and graphic software
  • General knowledge of scientific publishing and the editorial chain
  • Basics of standards and techniques for content structuring (XML)
  • Excellent command of the French language
  • Organization, great rigor and method
  • Taste for teamwork and collaborative spirit
Training is provided in-house.  


Type of contrat : CDD Duration of the contract : 9 mois Job Type : catégorie A Gross monthly salary : on the basis of the assistant engineer’s grid, beginner (research and training) Job opening : 1er avril 2020 Service : Persée Work organization : Full time
Place of work : ENS de Lyon – Site Monod 1 place de l’école 69007 Lyon  


Send a cover letter and CV to Thomas Mansier et Emilie Paget before February 21, 2020.

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