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Archives parlementaires

Archives parlementaires

Archives parlementaires

The projet Archives parlementaires de la Révolution française aims 2 mains objectives :

  • To continue the digitization, tagging and indexing of one of the most widely used sources for the history of the French Revolution and parliamentary life in modern France, the Parliamentary Archives ;
  • disseminate this corpus on the dedicated Perséide by offering a volume-by-volume browsing, a full-text search engine, an index of speakers to the parliamentary sessions and a specific navigation inside the cahiers de doléances.

The corpus is composed of 102 volumes that reconstruct, day by day, the parliamentary debates from spring 1789 to December 1794. These 80,000 pages are a first-rate source for researchers in various disciplines. Launched by the Corps législatif in 1862, the publication of this corpus in paper form is still underway, under the scientific responsibility of the Institut d’histoire de la Révolution française (IHRF), within the Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine (IHMC), which holds the rights to the recently published volumes. The digitization and processing of the published volumes offer vast research perspectives. A fine indexing has been thought and realized in order to provide advanced research and consultation possibilities to the users. In March 2021, in addition to the traditional distribution on the Persée, 41 issues will be available on the Perséide. The corpus benefits from an enriched structuring. The images and associated metadata of each volume are interoperable thanks to the IIIF protocol.

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The project to offer Internet users, and in particular specialists of the French Revolution, free, practical and enriched access to the digitized version of the Parliamentary Archives of the French Revolution dates from 2011. At that time, the Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne (BIS), Persée and the Institut d’histoire de la Révolution française (IHRF) joined forces to propose what is the basis of the CollEx-Persée project to be carried out between 2019 and 2021.

More details on the project Archives parlementaires de la Révolution française on website CollEx-Persée.

Project partners : Persée (UAR 3602), la Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne (BIS), l’Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine-Institut d’histoire de la Révolution française (IHMC-IHRF)

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